Nowadays there are many businesses going on. But what is causing confusion for entrepreneurs or owners is inevitable about the registration of companies. Addition to in case of the businesses must have an employee who is also a foreigner. They usually have problems with obtaining temporary residence permit in the country (Visa) and work permit, both skilled workers and unskilled labor including requesting permission through the Board of Investment of Thailand

If you still hesitate, what is kind of company you will be registered? Or you are looking forward to specialists whom register the company. We have a legal team with ability and experience for over 15 years, overseeing legal matters for over 19 affiliated companies. Therefore, we have expertise in company registration, Visa & Work Permit, civil and commercial consulting for individuals or juristic persons. Whether consulting in business law, labor law, intellectual property law. Juristic acts are concerning land and condominiums such as a purchasing registration, a gift registration, a mortgage registration or preferential right registration, rental registration, in addition to inheritance registration, etc., Furthermore we are proficient at legal execution and/or write off bad debts. Our team has excellent skills in finding judicial debtors’ assets. In addition to seizure or attachment of property for auction

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